Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Victory of Matej Mohorič, Giovanni Visconti 2nd, feat. Enrico Gasparotto & TBM orchestra !
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Victory of Matej Mohorič, Giovanni Visconti 2nd, feat. Enrico Gasparotto & TBM orchestra !

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Tour of Austria 2018.

Feldkirch, July 7th– Feldkirch – Feldkirch / Stage 1 – 152,8 km


Tour of Austria 2018. started today in Feldkirch in a best possible way for Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team. Feldkirch, a beautiful town at the very west of Austria celebrating 800 years and all of its’ inhabitants were excited to host the first two stages of Tour of Austria 2018.

 TBM riders joined into the celebration by taking the victory and second place today at four laps of 38.2 km. Enrico Gasparotto was giving the rhythm and dictating the tempo to all TBM riders and the peloton which was behind the group of 6 riders that went into a breakaway for maximum 2 minutes. Gasparotto never let them make a bigger distance than that.

 Sport directors and staff were very focused for the start of Tour the Austria and new and upcoming challenges of seven demanding stages. Stage 1 was suitable for riders like Mohorič, Visconti and Gasparotto and that is how it all worked well. Antonio Nibali was the one to jump into the leading rhythm when Gasparotto made the group compact. From that moment Matej Mohorič and Giovanni Visconti went for the victory and the second place of the opening stage of Tour of Austria.

 Matej Mohorič; “Today we really did a great job with all of the team. We started working very hard from the bigining. Enrico Gasparotto pulled really hard all day long and it gave us even more self confidence. We are super happy to finish with first and second place today. Once again I thank to Gaspa, Visco, Antonio, Mark, Hermann and Kosta and chapeau to all TBM guys here at Tour of Austria.”

Giovanni Visconti; “I really happy today. It is so nice that we started the Tour of Austria with a victory and my second place. I hope that we will continue like this. I have to say that Enrico Gasparotto for his great effort and hard work. He made us to achieve this victory and my second place. We all know that Matej Mohorič  is a guy that attacks always in a dangerous finals so we won and we are all very happy. This is my ninth 2ndplace in two years and I really hope to make one stage victory. I hope it is close.

Harald Morscher; TBM sports director was very excited for such a great victory and result TBM achieved today in his neighbourhood; “I am reall happy that Matej and Visco took victory and 2ndplace in Feldkirch, where I was born. Now we also have a leaders jersey and we made a good publicity for TBM here. It is our great entry of Tour of Austria and Hermann Pernsteiner, an Austrian and our leader we can continue like this till the end”

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