Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Very hard and soaking stage 4 of Binck Bank Tour
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Very hard and soaking stage 4 of Binck Bank Tour

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Lanaken, August 10th 2017 – Rain is not going away in today’s stage of 155km, circling around Lanaken. This was the last day for sprinters to shine, and they did, breakaway again didn’t have bigger lead then 3 minutes and got caught last lap, there were few escapes attempted in last 12km, but sprinters wouldn’t let the last chance to battle it between themselves. The last corner 1.2km to go was really hard, but since riders were doing the laps they were used to that corner, so it wasn’t game breaker nor caused any crashes at this rainy day. At the end local rider Edward Theuns edged Slovenian Marko Kump and another Belgian rider Tim Merlier.


“The start was really fast, first 50km, as they jumped for breakaway, and it was also like a criterium, a lot of corners and turns. At the end was also hard with the heavy rain and slippery roads. The speed was high as well. We tried but we didn’t have great position, and we couldn’t reach the front. Pibernik went for the sprint, I helped him, but he was a little far away from the first riders.” – Grega Bole said.


“The start was really chaotic because of the weather conditions and it was really a Belgium style race, lefts, rights, corners, paves, traffic furniture, so it was really tricky.” – said Sports Director Harald Morscher – “Our guys did a good job at the beginning staying up front so they avoided the big crash, which is what we asked from them. That makes me very happy and enthusiastic for the next race, and after that Arashiro was in the leading group. Today, I think, we showed more then last few days and that makes me really optimistic for the next few days, and tomorrow’s terrain will fit us better, as it won’t be sprinters stage, but more difficult, and tomorrow will show up more of our qualities. Next days the breakaways will have more chances of making it, as sprinter’s teams won’t be working hard. As you could see today Bora was working a lot for Sagan, but Sagan came only 4th. Tomorrow will be a new game as it will be hilly stage and it will be more interesting for us.”

Ivan Cortina abandoned today’s stage due to the stomach troubles. Taken that into consideration he won’t be starting tomorrow.