Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Uncontrolled final lap at the Grand Prix Montreal
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Uncontrolled final lap at the Grand Prix Montreal

  |   Press

Montreal, Sunday, September 10th – Le Grands Prix Cyclistes de Montréal consisted of a demanding climb that forced an exceedingly difficult cadence, repeated 17 times. Each lap was 21,1 km long; in total the race was 205,7 long. Spectators enjoyed the sunny-day race and they were watching it from every corner of the picturesque Parc du Mont-Royal.

Immediately after the start of the race, 2 riders went into a breakaway with the advantage of 3 min. At the 42nd km, the peloton split in two parts with a 30 sec break. Those 2 groups included 2 fastest riders from previous Quebec race. But soon in the 53rd km, peloton joined together again. Breakaway group maintained 3 min of advantage. BAHRAIN MERIDA riders controlled the race until the last 2 to 3 laps at which point Gasparotto was still strong enough and went into the breakaway.

Philippe Mauduit, Sports director of the race, explained the last 2 decisive laps, which mixed the cards in almost all of the top teams: “The race exploded in the last 2 laps. We couldn’t control it anymore like other teams, Bora, BMC, Sunweb… At the end, the race was much harder than in the past years, it was much faster. Gasparotto looked good and very strong in the breakaway 2 laps to go but when they got caught and when there was acceleration, he felt a cramp. 4 laps to go, our riders were together but again, like in Quebec, they split up in the final lap and we didn’t achieve what we had planned. Our expectations were much higher.”