Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | TOJ stage1: Bole 7th in Sakai
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TOJ stage1: Bole 7th in Sakai

  |   Press

Sakai, Sunday 20th May – Tour of Japan 2018 started with a 2.6 km ITT in Daisen Park. TBM riders showed their power with Grega Bole stayed in the hot seat for quite a moment. In the end he took 7th (3’14”55), which is best in Team Bahrain Merida today,  just 2.55 second behind the leader after the fast stage. “I did full gas, and I made one mistake on the corner, so I lost maybe some seconds there. But normally I am happy, we will see how it will be in the next days.”

From our Sports Director, Harald Morscher commented: “I think today’s stage went quite well, because we had a long travel to Japan, so the riders and staff are a little bit tired. I think for tomorrow, the legs would be better for the guys, and we can start to fight really. It was like an warm up for us, I think with Grega in the Top 10, we are almost happy with that because it was a short run, only 2.6 km. We are expecting more for tomorrow.”

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