Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | The Hammer Chase concluded first ever Hammer Series Race
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The Hammer Chase concluded first ever Hammer Series Race

  |   Press

Sunday, 4th June – The Hammer Chase was held on an extended version of the course used for the Hammer Sprint, on the circuit that was recently renamed after Tom Dumoulin. The riders had to ride over three 14.9km long laps and the apx speed was 52km/h. BAHRAIN MERIDA Team took 13th place today and showed good performance.

Today’s race was a team time trial in which the teams try to chase each other down. The team that went first over the finish line was crowned the event champion. The starting positions of the teams were determined by the leader board after the first two days. Only the top eight teams competed for overall victory, and the rest, including the BAHRAIN MERIDA Team, rode the lesser final. Our team took 13th place today while Team SKY took overall win.

Manuele Boaro who was the head of the TT team today said after the race: “It was a strange TT today, with new rules. We tried to save the position, but it was not simple for us, since we had to use normal bikes, but we performed well.”

Niccolò Bonifazio added: “It was a nice chronometer even though it was difficult without the TT bikes. Despite all we defended well and we are satisfied.”

Sports Director Vladimir Miholjević commented today’s team performance: “We knew that we would not be competitive today, since we did not have our TT bikes. But despite that we approached the race seriously and determined the strategy. Our guys carried out the strategy exactly as we planned, they used the team ahead of them and in the final sprint they beat UAE Team and finished in 13th place. We are satisfied with today’s race, our riders did what they could with these bikes and were actually really fast.”

“The concept of the race is good,” added Miholjević, “but there is room for a better organisation and informing of the public. In the future this will be an interesting concept of the race, especially for the viewers. It can be a good opportunity for teams, team sponsors and events and also a good chance to present the cycling world to new sponsors.”