Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Team BAHRAIN MERIDA will take on Giro della Toscana and Coppa Sabatini
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Team BAHRAIN MERIDA will take on Giro della Toscana and Coppa Sabatini

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Tuesday, September 18th – After a successful weekend at the Trittico Lombardo series, BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team will face two other Italian races, in Tuscany this time, namely the Giro della Toscana – Memorial Alfredo Martini on Wednesday, September 19th and the next day the Coppa Sabatini – Gran Premio Città di Peccioli, on Thursday September 20th.

“We want to do well in both races, as always and our lineups are both very competitive” says Team BAHRAIN MERIDA Sports Director Alberto Volpi “It’s important that everyone understands that he is a leader in the role assigned, both if he is a helper, a man for the breakaway or the captain. Having said that, on the first day the kind of course suits to Mohoric and we have two other strong men as Visconti and Pozzovivo, who can attack on the climb”.

The new one-day Giro della Toscana, with start and finish in Pontedera (198.9km) will have indeed its key moment in the ascent of Mount Serra, to repeat three times, the last one at 30km to go, followed by 11km downhill, as Matej Mohoric underlines:

“The climb is long, so it will be very selective, but the finish is far away, so many scenarios are possible. I am still in a good shape, so are Pozzovivo and Visconti. We have a strong team for Giro di Toscana. I think together we’ll try our best to cover all the attacks in the final and hopefully contest the win at the end”.

Several BAHRAIN MERIDA riders have been named for the next World Championships: “Our boys will use these race as important tests on the road to Innsbruck and that could be a further motivation to do very well” adds Volpi, who is also looking forward to the debut of the trainee Stephen Williams “He will have strong motivations as well. He is a young talented climber and we are looking forward to seeing him in action with our team”.

The day after the Giro della Toscana, the other target is the Coppa Sabatini, with its traditional course (start and finish in Peccioli, 195.9km) that is a hunting ground for fast riders and the uphill finish, especially suits a sprinter like Sonny Colbrelli, who will try to win it for the first time after 2014 and 2016 editions and last year’s second place.

“Sonny will return to racing after his nice success at the Coppa Bernocchi” says Volpi “He will be motivated for sure, as Gasparotto who took a good third place at the Coppa Agostoni. Normally this race finishes with a sprint, but we will be ready for every kind of scenario”.


Team BAHRAIN MERIDA lineup for the Giro della Toscana: Kristijan Koren, Matej Mohoric, Antonio Nibali, Domen Novak, Domenico Pozzovivo, Giovanni Visconti, Stephen Williams

Team BAHRAIN MERIDA lineup for the Coppa Sabatini: Valerio Agnoli, Sonny Colbrelli, Enrico Gasparotto, Domen Novak, David Per, Giovanni Visconti, Stephen Williams