Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | TEAM BAHRAIN MERIDA started Training Camp on Island Hvar
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TEAM BAHRAIN MERIDA started Training Camp on Island Hvar

  |   Press

Hvar, Sunday 9th December 2018 – BAHRAIN MERIDA staff and athletes are arriving today and will be spending two weeks in December on Croatian island Hvar, where the Team’s last training camp before the challenges of the new season will take place.

The training camp will take place again like last year, on the beautiful island of Hvar in Croatia, where the team have found the perfect partner and generous host in the Hvar Tourist Board, that contributed a great deal in the organisational part, and Sunčani Hvar Hotels, which is an excellent base location for the whole team, our guests, partners, journalists, and sponsors. Hotel Amfora where team and all the guests, in total 160 persons, will be accommodate is located right by the sea and offer top conditions for relaxation of athletes and staff after hard work and also all facilities needed for perfect execution of the full schedule of the activities planned for the training camp. Sunčani Hvar Hotels is the leading hotel group on Croatia’s premier island Hvar with a diverse collection of modern, luxury and budget hotels. The emphasis is on fostering unique experiences in one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic with a goal of delivering unrivaled propositions to travelers from all over the world.

The organisation of the training camp was like last year much easier due to a great support from Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board and Tourist Board of City of Hvar that helped the team to prepare all the activities through which our team members and guests can fully experience and appreciate this destination. This year Hvar celebrate 150 years of organized tourism on the island. In the last few years a lot of efforts were put into developing Hvar as an attractive destination for cycling tourism. The island has just the right amplitudes to offer great training conditions also to professionals – this year Team Bahrain Merida results confirmed that. On this training camp our guests, riders and staff will have the chance to experience the island through visiting traditional villages, riding through magnificent landscapes, pass picturesque vineyards and lavender fields, and through enjoying unique gastronomy that will all contribute in a exclusive experience for all senses.

During media days, from 12thto 14thDecember, journalists and photographers from all over the world will join the Team on Hvar and have a unique opportunity to spend some time with BAHRAIN MERIDA riders and staff, to carry one-on-one interviews with them and to even ride bicycles side by side with them. A formal team presentation will be held on Wednesday 12th December at 2.30 p.m., where the Team representatives, sponsors and partners will present key strategies and tactics for 2019. Team prepares also a FUN BIKE RIDE with Merida bikes and island experience for journalists on Thursday 13th December when they will visit a local restaurant and taste gastronomic island treasure.

Team’s sponsors will also join the athletes and staff at the beginning of the training camp and spend some time on the beautiful island of Hvar and also give final inputs about the new equipment that TEAM BAHRAIN MERIDA will use in the new season. With 8 new riders team will for sure be ready for a new challenges in 2019.