Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Team Bahrain Merida signs partnership with Reboots Recovery Boots
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Team Bahrain Merida signs partnership with Reboots Recovery Boots

  |   Press

BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team is pleased to announce Reboots Recovery Boots as our new official partner.

Reboots Recovery Boots are an innovative device that generates a massage for the legs, to improve their recovery. In fact, the turbocharger self-inflatable boots help the body get rid of the waste products of the metabolism (e.g. lactic acid), which are produced during hard training sessions and competitions.
Bahrain Merida athletes have already started to use this system during the Giro d’Italia and they were very impressed with the results: fresher legs, faster recovery, immediate regeneration and moreover they appreciated the easy handling.

Reboots actively prevent unwanted symptoms after hard physical exercise, such as muscle tension, DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and swelling. The result is a noticeable shortened recovery phase”, explains Reboots CEO Tom Keller. “We are proud to support Bahrain Merida during high demanding races like the Giro d’Italia. We are looking forward to help such a world class cycling team to reach its full potential and achieve challenging goals together”.