Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Stage 1 repeat, another win by Sagan
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Stage 1 repeat, another win by Sagan

  |   Press

Ardooie, August 9th 2017. Moving from Netherlands to Belgium for the sunny start in Blankenberge. From the coastal town riders went inland for a 185km ride to the Ardooie, which hosted stage finishes past 3 years. From the start there was a breakaway of 5 riders, but without us. They didn’t stand a chance, as peloton didn’t allow big gap, similar to stage 1. The weather was changing constantly and a heavy shower effected the finish with several riders crashing in the last corner, but luckily non of ours. At another sprint finish, Peter Sagan won again, and yet again it was tight battle. Just to mention he also won last year at the same stage with finish in Ardooie.


The weather didn’t effect the race, but it was slippery in the final. That was a little problem, but in the middle of the race there was windy, but nothing serious. We expect next stages to be windier and hillier so we expect our riders to excel in those situations” – said Sports Director Harald Morscher.


Asked about the race plan to put one rider in the breakaway Harald said: “I have to talk to riders to find out, but at the end it was only 5 riders in the breakaway. We said that we have to have a rider in breakaway if it’s more then 5 riders, but they didn’t make it, so we’ll talk about it“.


Tomorrow there are some rolling hills, and that was the stage Luka Pibernik won last year after making the breakaway.