Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Ramūnas Navardauskas is back in full training at TC in Hvar Croatia
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Ramūnas Navardauskas is back in full training at TC in Hvar Croatia

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Hvar, Tuesday, 12th December 2017 – Ramūnas Navardauskas is back in full training with the rest of the BAHRAIN MERIDA Team after recovering from an operation to treat his cardiac arrhythmia. His condition is getting better every day and he is already on the schedule for next season.

Dr. Carlo Guardascione, a medical doctor of BAHRAIN MERIDA Team, explained Navardauskas’ condition: “After the ablation treatment done in Munich last September, Ramūnas Navardauskas obtained the physical fitness for complete training and racing in Turin on 2nd December. During the cardiology tests in Turin, no arrhythmia or heart problem occurred, so there will be no special therapy. He is 100 % capable of training with his teammates.”

Ramūnas Navardauskas confirmed that he has gone through many medical checks since the surgery and that finally, after the last one, his doctors confirmed that he is 100 % ready for regular training. He already joined his teammates on the training camp in Hvar, Croatia, Team’s last training camp before the new season. He said that after a period of low intense training and slow riding, he is most excited to be able to train again with full power and most of all to train together with the other riders. The recovery period was, of course, stressful for him but he is happy now that things turned out good: “I am thankful for the support from my team and the medical staff because without it, the situation would have been very different. I’m back on the bike now and I’m happy with where I am. I just need to wait for the first race, to see how my form is and how my legs are turning. It’s hard to predict how it’s going to be in the future, but maybe now I’ve had a long break, I can use this rest period cleverly, and I’ll come back even more competitive.”

Gorazd Štangelj, Head of Sports Directors at BAHRAIN MERIDA Team, added: “Since the doctors confirmed that he has no health problems and that he is 100 % capable of all physical work, he is training like all the rest of the riders and he is also a candidate for the first WorldTour Race in 2018, The Tour Down Under.”

Everyone at BAHRAIN MERIDA Team is happy that Ramūnas is back on the roads and they will offer him full support also in the future.

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