Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Determined BAHRAIN MERIDA Team heading to Hamburg
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Determined BAHRAIN MERIDA Team heading to Hamburg

  |   Press

Friday, 23rd August – One of the sport’s major one-day cycling races is ahead of BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team riders – the Hamburg Cyclassics. The race that will be held on Sunday 25thof August is part of the UCI World Tour since 2005.

Though it has a comparatively short history, the race is very popular among many professional riders. The profile of the race may seem more suitable for sprinters but can ultimately be won by all types of cyclists. It’s a good race to balance out some of the high-demanding climbing races of the World Tour.

Sports Director Tristan Hoffmanthat will lead our team on the race is confident about the up-coming race. Sonny Colbrelli will be a leader for the finish sprint and the other riders will help him, each covering specific part of the track. Our goal is to show the best possible performance and, as always, to stand on the podium.


The full BAHRAIN MERIDA lineup for this year’s EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg is: Valerio Agnoli, Grega Bole, Sonny Colbrelli, Ivan Garcia Cortina, Chun-Kai Feng, Antonio Nibali and Marcel Sieberg.