Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Cycling is life … it’s everything for Heinrich Haussler
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Cycling is life … it’s everything for Heinrich Haussler

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Vélizy, March 4th 2018 – One of the most experienced riders of Team BAHRAIN MERIDA Heinrich Haussler on the eve before Paris-Nice 2018 spoke with us about his recent injury and the endless motivation for future races.

Heinrich Haussler, despite all the recent inconveniences in his cycling career, has never been so motivated and concentrated in his cycling future like he is now. Only 4 ½ weeks ago he was injured (again) while he was sprint training close to his home. He broke his collar bone and 7 days ago he already successfully finished the Classic race Kuurne – Brussel – Kuurne. To the question how he manages to recover so fast, smiling Heinrich answered: »It’s really a very short time after the injury and I am back already. I don’t actually have to do any recovering, it’s just about doing the right exercises, the right treatment, the right physio and having the right people around you working hard with you« and he continues, »Being a professional athlete you push your limits how hard you want to push them and it’s not about the team or a trainer. I have had to sacrifice too much last winter to stop and say I will start again in April or May. Just because of what I went through last year this collar bone thing was actually nothing«.

»When you are injured it’s not like you have any free time. You have less time than when you aren’t injured. Running around to go to osteo, physio, actually that helped me a lot to get back so quickly. It’s not like when a normal person breaks his collar bone he goes to the doctor maybe once a week. As a pro athlete I go twice a day, getting the blood circulation checked, getting the muscle activated, making sure that everything can heal quickly 100%.«

After 3 ½ weeks Heinrich was already on the race: »With the race Kuurne I felt amazing. I was coming straight from the training camp so the team spirit was at 100% and my form was actually amazing.  After my crash my doctors told me to take it easy, at least for 10 days, but I was on the bike after 3 days, so that way I didn’t lose any form and that gives you little bit more motivation. «

What do you expect from Paris – Nice? »I expect to win« laughed Heinrich and continued that he has to help his team-mates first, the Izagirre brothers in GC and get himself through the Tour because he didn’t take part in any tour for the past 2 years. He did only 1 day races. »But I am in a good form, I felt that clearly in Kuurne, I know what I can do, so I also want to do something for me«. On the question if there is any special stage he would like to emphasize he answered: »Not necessarily, it also depends… like I said I am good in training but racing is different from training. Obviously I can’t sprint with all the power because the bone is not healed 100% yet, I haven’t been doing any sprint trainings and I can’t go in with full power but I hope for maybe one of the last stages…«

Heinrich, fully motivated for the following days race, concluded: »Everything happens for a reason. After last year’s accident I now see sport differently, I see cycling differently. I feel the pressure now as I am getting older, I know I eventually will have to stop, so now I want to give my absolute maximum so when I will stop I can say I am happy. I am not thinking of quitting yet, given the chance I will ride for next 6 to 7 years. Cycling is my life… it’s everything.»