Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team choose SuperOp to maximize the training
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BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team choose SuperOp to maximize the training

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San Pellegrino Pass, July 13th – The innovative tool has been presented to BAHRAIN MERIDA riders and medical staff in San Pellegrino (Italy), where they are attending the training camp ahead of the Vuelta a España.


SuperOp is the only tool capable to meet the most difficult challenge for athletes and trainers: understanding the real daily condition of the athlete and therefore identifying the ideal training workload in order to maximize performance improvement.

SuperOp is a supercompensation optimizer: an extraordinarily innovative and easy-to-use tool, that with one only measure a day of pulse and blood pressure can anticipate to the medical staff of the Team, which are the training loads that the body of the cyclists is able to receive.


“We’re very happy to establish this partnership with SuperOp” says Paolo Slongo, Head of Performance of Team BAHRAIN MERIDA “It is a valid tool, that will help us, as trainers to ‘be wrong less often’ and train better. setting an even more specific and personalized training. By informing us about how ready athletes are and how to modulate the workloads, we can optimize the effect of every training session. At times the rider will be recommended to rest a longer period of time. Other times SuperOp will inform us that he is ready for an intense training session, even though a considerable previous workload during the previous training session would have made you wait longer than necessary. An essential support to deeply and scientifically control the recovery period, that now onwards can be analysed in detail and evaluated in order to improve the training”.


Results of more that 20 years of experience of prof Marco De Angelis from Univeristy of L’Aquila and of an innovative start-up ibased in Reggio Emilia (Italy), despite SuperOp was developed by means of a careful mathematic-statistic analysis of the internal load of the athlete, it’s very easy and simple to use. On the occasion of the delivery, the technical staff of SuperOp accomplished the initial briefing with BAHRAIN MERIDA athletes too.


«We’re very satisfied of the agreement with Team Bahrain Merida because of the great value of the athletes and staff, but above all because we’re sure that SuperOp will improve their training – comments Paolo Gambini from “Wellness and Wireless”, the Italian company developer of the tool – Working together with Team Baharain Merida will be very challenging for us».

The presentation of SuperOp included a session dedicated to the Team trainers about the “Trainer Vista”, a function to monitor the athlete at a distance.

«After that the cyclist measures the pulse and blood pressure, the data will automatically download and in real time the trainer can check the athlete’s condition – adds Paolo Gambiniand therefore modulate the daily training program and optimize the workload according to the response of SuperOp».