Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Arashiro was forced to withdraw this TOJ due to injuries
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Arashiro was forced to withdraw this TOJ due to injuries

  |   Press

Mino, Wednesday 23rd May – Unfortunately, our local hero Yukiya Arashiro will not continue the race today.

“After the crash, I felt a little bit hard on my shoulder, but I thought that I can make it tiI the end. I checked the X-ray, and also CT, but the doctor said that there is doubt that my bone might be broken. This morning I decided not to continue the race,” says Yukiya Arashiro in the press conference with disappointment on his face. He thanked also to all the fans who supported him all the way, but it’s time to take a rest.

“It was the final decision. Due to the injury of his scapula and surrounding ligaments and his facial injuries, which could cause insufficient venous drainage out of his orbit. The bleeding might provoke him to close his eye, after all the investigation, we will not advise him to race today,” says our team doctor Marjan Koršič this morning.

From Harald Morscher, our sports director: “I think the decision was made finally from himself also. It was a very clever decision. Also our team doctor Marjan Koršič told him already yesterday, it was not really a big damage, but it could be a healthy risk for himself to have damage for later. To avoid this for him and his future, we convinced him not to race today.”

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