Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | 4th place overall for Team Bahrain Merida at Hammer Limburg
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4th place overall for Team Bahrain Merida at Hammer Limburg

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Limburg, June 3rd– Hammer Chase was the final Race at Hammer Limburg 3 days event. Hammer Chase was divided in two groups where Team Bahrain Merida classified after 2 successful races in the Finalists group on the 2ndposition with 30 sec. behind the fastest team.

Team Bahrain Merida was a winner on the first day, on the second day they took 6thplace. With those 2 results Team Bahrain Merida had a second position at the start today.

Hammer Chase is a Team Time Trial under special rules. Teams stared with time gaps depending on the previous 2 races. 4 riders of 5 needed to cross the finish line that the result is registered. Team Bahrain Merida finished 4thoverall from 16thteams who competed this fun and interesting race.

Team Bahrain Merida riders were satisfied after the race. Not to forget tremendous solo victory of Mark Padun on the opening race Hammer Climb, the 3 days event was overall success. Riders had fun and liked the way of getting points each day and to be classified to the final. The riders were all united after the race that they would appreciate to come back to the next Hammer race.

Photo credits: @bettiniphoto and Team photos