Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Stage 2 – PLA DE L’ESTANY (Team Time Trial)
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Stage 2 – PLA DE L’ESTANY (Team Time Trial)

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Calella, March 21th – Today’s 2nd Stage of Volta Ciclista a Catalunya was a 41,3 km long and challenging Team Time Trial. 17th place for BAHRAIN MERIDA Team was within the expected range, since in the team there are not only experienced but also young new riders.


First part of the today’s stage was tricky and more complicated than the second one, which was more fluid. It was necessary to bring the speed from the descent to the climbs and to adjust quickly to save the energy. The Stage was filled with roundabouts, bumpers and narrow roads, which was very challenging, especially for our young riders like Ondrej Cink, who had today his first TTT ever.


After the race experienced Enrico Gasparotto commented: »It is not our speciality, but we tried to stay compact all the time. We immediately lost Antonio, because it was a tricky descent, but in the end we did a good job all together. It’s not so bad, since for some guys it was their first experience in team trial. We just have to do more team time trials to improve ourselves. That’s the only way to get better.«


»The team got together only in the last few days, so since they are together for the first time, the result was not so bad,« said Harald Morscher, team director. »Unfortunately we lost Antonio Nibali in one of the first parts of the trial and we were down to 6 guys, but I think they did a good job and we were not so bad in time. Before I was very nervous but now I am more relaxed and looking forward to the next days, because one big thing is behind us.«