Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | ST 4 Dubai Tour – The Westin stage :: cancelled due to heavy winds
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ST 4 Dubai Tour – The Westin stage :: cancelled due to heavy winds

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Today stage was supposed to be different then other stages, it was medium mountain stage with a picturesque finish at Hatta Dam.  Our riders were looking forward to this race, as our Sonny Colbrelli is a sprinter who knows how to climb. But the race was cancelled due to heavy winds.


Yesterday the organizer shorten today’s course and moved it to the area where less wind has been expected, but upon arrival to proposed start line, it was so windy that it had to be cancelled no matter how everyone was so looking forward to race this nice course. The decision was unanimous between the organization and all sports directors.  Our riders, specially Ivan Garcia Cortina, were disappointed not with decision, but with the fact that they won’t be racing today. They were in good spirits, and we hope that tomorrow at the last stage of this year’s Dubai Tour they will be able to repeat the great ride they had yesterday.


Sports director Alberto Volpi said: “It was easy decision between all of us. The only ones that are not happy with decision are local authorities who put a lot of effort to organize this stage. But in the moments like this when you have heavy winds, there is not much you can do”.