Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Ion Izagirre feels good and is flying home today from the hospital
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Ion Izagirre feels good and is flying home today from the hospital

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Düsseldorf, Saturday, 8th July – After the unfortunate start of Tour de France 2017 and after a successful surgery, Ion Izagirre feels good and is flying home today at 17.50 from Düsseldorf Clinic to his hometown in Spain.

Ion was strong and brave from the first moment he realised what kind of injury he had. In the first moments after the crash, he was very angry and sad that he wouldn’t continue Tour de France, for which he had very high expectations. But after the diagnosis, he realised, his health is the most important. Before his flight home this afternoon, he commented: “I feel OK, as you can see from the video that I posted on social media. All had gone well. The surgery was perfect and I’m improving day by day. I would like to express my gratitude to the Hospital of Düsseldorf and all its staff and doctors. They are great professionals and I’m very satisfied with them. I hope that I can recover step by step and we will see when I’ll be able to come back to the roads. I’m not stressed about that. We will see day by day. Thanks everyone for your support, for all the messages. See you soon on the roads.”

Right after the dramatic crash, when Ion was transported to the clinic, team physiotherapist Ibai Jimenez Clever immediately joined him, concluded his work on Tour de France and stayed with Ion in the hospital from then on.

Today, when they were both leaving Düsseldorf clinic, he commented the last week when he stayed with Ion: “First moments after Ion’s crash in the opening stage of the Tour de France were very difficult. The first news we received was not good. It seemed that he immediately had to go through a surgery and was alone at the hospital. I was worried. Finally, I received some better news and I could breathe a little easier when the doctors after surgery told us that it was successful. Ion responded to the surgery very well and he feels better day after day. He’s recovering slowly and now that he’s coming back home it will be even better. He’s in good mood and we hope that he will have a good recovery without forcing. I’m sure that slowly he can return to his level. I personally would like to thank everyone for their support.”

Ion’s rehabilitation will take place in the next weeks and months. We miss him a lot in BAHRAIN MERIDA Team and we all wish him a fast recovery. As the world famous Spanish song goes, “Pasito a Pasito”, we wish him many strong and confident steps to his most important step – the one back to his bike. Forca Ion!

Photos from the Stage 1 Tour de France 2017