Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | Great Team Win at Hammer Climb race at Hammer Limburg
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Great Team Win at Hammer Climb race at Hammer Limburg

  |   Press

Vaals, Limburg, 1st June – Team Bahrain Merida performed very well today at the Hammer Climb race in a fogy, rainy and truly demanding conditions. TBM beat the second team of 16 teams for almost 400 points. The main characters to collect the points for the team at this special race of 78,1 km and 11 laps were Mark Padun and Sonny Colbrelli who brought to the team a big win today.

In each lap of the race Mark or Sonny were getting points for the team. In the 3rd and 5th lap Sonny crossed the line as a first rider and got each time 100 points. In the 6th lap they both performed well and they finished 2nd and 3rd and after that lap Mark started with his master class in solo riding. With the help of Sonny in the chasing group they were both collecting from 6thlap on a bunch of points what at the end resulted in a big win and advantage for the Team Bahrain Merida.

After the strong performance Mark Padun commented: «That was something amazing today. At the beginning of the race I didn’t feel really good legs and riders started the race very fast. In the second part of the race I was able to ride the same power of the watts like I had from the start. I felt really good. In my SRM I realised that only last 2 laps I lost a bit but I am very satisfied today. I enjoy it today. «

Sonny Colbrelli who was bringing a lot of points today for the team and was protecting Mark commented: »It was a great result today for the whole team and a great performance of Mark. Tomorrow I expect to defend what we have done today in a sprint stage among the strong sprinters. Sunday’s Team Time Trial will be very hard but we will try to do our best. «

Photo credits: @bettiniphoto