Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | BAHRAIN MERIDA Team looking forward to Hammer Series
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BAHRAIN MERIDA Team looking forward to Hammer Series

  |   Press

Monday, 29th May – BAHRAIN MERIDA Team is looking forward to take part in a new concept of racing – The Hammer Series. The first race in the series starts on 2nd June in Netherlands and the riders are already excited to face this unique challenge.

Five riders for each team are selected for every day’s challenge. For the first race, Hammer Sportzone Limburg, BAHRAIN MERIDA lineup is following: Manuele Boaro, Niccolò Bonifazio, Ivan Cortina, Ion Insausti and David Per.

Vladimir Miholjević, sports director of the race confirmed the team’s enthusiasm: “We are very enthusiastic about participating in the first event of the Hammer series, completely new format of the cycling race. The new way of multi-day racing with team classification as a primary goal requires a special way of interpreting tactics during all three days. In our team for Hammer Sportzone Limburg race are riders that can cover all specific situations that we will find in the three-day race. Staff and riders are really looking forward to the new experience.”

NIccolò Bonifazio, one of the riders in the first event, said before the race: “This period is very important for me, for continuing the season. I am still training very hard, I have changed my methods of preparation and I feel ready for the next race. I will try to attack and I hope for the best.”

The whole BAHRAIN MERIDA Team is really excited for this new kind of challenge in the professional cycling and the riders are ready to show their best and test their limits.