Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | BAHRAIN MERIDA Team celebrates with DIFERENTE
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The BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team will celebrate the successes of this season with a unique partner: DIFERENTE – the innovative brand of non-alcoholic drinks.

The agreement signed between the Team, led by Vincenzo Nibali, and the Italian start-up, Nano SRL, for 2018 will result in a supply of an exclusive line of alcohol-free luxury drink, such as the Diferente Luxury Sparkling, a great tasting extra-dry cuvèe, and Diferente Ruby Red Infusion, a cool, refreshing elite bittersweet drink.

The beverages with all-natural ingredients, offered in elegant bottles, are ready to be opened both for celebrating the victories of the team worldwide, such as the recent success of Sonny Colbrelli at the Dubai Tour, and also for enjoying this most exclusive bubbly drink, with absolute zero alcohol, on our official events.

Filippo Zanin co-founder of the startup Nano SRL commented the new partnership:

Our beverages are a new concept of drinking to meet different needs of people looking for exclusive taste, without side effects. Our products are the result of 4 years of research, based on which we can now produce high-quality non-alcoholic drinks with a patented production system, without chemical process or dealcoholisation. Thanks to its unique features Diferente can also be tasted by athletes and Sports professionals and boast the Halal certification too. It’s a big honour for us to partner with a team as BAHRAIN MERIDA and to see the most popular and strong cyclists in the world celebrating their successes with Diferente.