Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team partners with ACQUA Filette and CARTIERE DI GUARCINO
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BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team partners with ACQUA Filette and CARTIERE DI GUARCINO

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Wednesday, 18th January 2017 – Riders and other members of BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team will be drinking one of the world’s purest water with a special label design, made especially to honor the Team.


BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team announced partnership with Acqua Filette, since 1894 producer and distributer of mineral water of the highest quality and Cartiere di Guarcino, one of the biggest manufacturer of decorative papers company in the centre of Italy.


Acqua Filette bottles water from the heart of green, unspoilt mountains in central Italy (Ciociaria). The source is located in the town of Guarcino, in the Frosinone Province, and has an annual flow rate of about 50 million liters. Acqua Filette, with a nitrate-content of just 0,3 mg/l, is one of the world’s purest waters, with rare organoleptic properties. Since hydration is one of the most important parts of a proper and efficient work-out and training, the Team is very pleased to have a partner with such rich background and high quality products in the field.


This partnership was born thanks to the will of the CEO Mr. Massimo Giorgilli, who strongly believe in the Sports value and in the world of cycling in particular: “I’m sure that the partnership of these two companies with BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team will bring wide visibility to them and to our land, besides above all promoting them all over the world”.


To honor the BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team, Acqua Filette also prepared a special label design that includes graphic elements from the visual identity of the Team. This way the riders will enjoy every sip of water even more.


The second partner of BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team coming from the same area is the paper mill CARTIERE DI GUARCINO, an integrated company in the industrial group Valentini, leader in Italy in the furniture sector. The Company CARTIERE DI GUARCINO not only bases its production on the satisfaction of the quality standards requested from the market but it is also focused on a environmentally sustainable production, by using certified raw material (FSC and PFC) and fueling the plant through green energy.

For this reason BAHRAIN MERIDA was pleased to join a partnership with a such strongly export oriented company, well-known in the field and careful to the environment.