Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team on three corners of the globe
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BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team on three corners of the globe

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Monday, 16th January – While seven riders successfully started the 2017 season in Australia, another six are on their way to The Vuelta a San Juan, and the rest of them are gathered in Benidorm, Spain for a Training Camp.


For the next few days BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team will be separated and stationed on three sides of the globe. While first group of riders is on the Tour Down Under, another six is already on their way to the next race. The Vuelta a San Juan will start on 23rd January, but Sports Director Paolo Slongo, that will lead the team in Argentina, explained that they wanted to be on the location a few days before the race, in order to accommodate to warm summer weather and different time zone.

Argentina has become almost a tradition for Vincenzo Nibali: “I always come back very willingly, without forgetting that South America has often brought me luck in the rest of the season. The climate here is ideal, while training in Italy with just a few degrees above zero is almost impossible.” 

The third group of riders will attend a Training Camp in Benidorm, Spain, under leadership of Head Sports Director, Gorazd Štangelj. This popular tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast was chosen because of the mild winter weather and good road infrastructure that together guarantee excellent training conditions also at this time of the year. 13 riders and 16 members of staff are already settled on the location. Yesterday all the riders were tested and based on these results, the training program with specific training elements will be created. Head Sports Director, Gorazd Štangelj commented: “Weather conditions here are ideal. Colbrelli, Božič and Bole are getting ready for Dubai and the rest of the riders for races that will follow after that. We are also carrying out some final testing and will put polish on the rider’s shape for the races in Middle East and later on in Spain.”

The whole team was also very happy that Heinrich Haussler joined them after intervention on his left knee on 2nd January, and that his recovery is going very well.

Today’s training was also marked with a first bike accident in the season – Antonio Nibali fell with his bike and suffered from minor abrasions on the hip, knee and hands. But fortunately there were no serious injuries so the preparation of the team is going on as planned.