Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team | A continuous climb on 3rd day in Catalunya
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A continuous climb on 3rd day in Catalunya

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Stage 3 – Mataró – La Molina (Alp) – 188,3 km

La Molina, 22nd March – Today’s continuously climbing 3rd stage of Volta Ciclista a Catalunya started in Mataró near Barcelona and led to La Molina on 1.700 m above sea level. The Stage proved to be a tough experience for BAHRAIN MERIDA riders, who were working hard in helping Ondrej Cink, who finished the race in 16th place.
It was a sunny day with W wind of 15 km/h and a lot of fans along the track. Soon after 60 km a breakaway group was formed with 5 riders. BAHRAIN MERIDA riders were stable in the peloton and keeping eyes on Ondrej Cink. The team worked hard to help him over three hard climbs – Alt Des Parpers (Cat. 3), Alt De Toses – Cima Peris (Cat. 1) and finally La Molina (Cat. 1). The peloton broke into more groups and Ondrej Cink kept his very high position in the last kilometers to La Molina finish. Until the last few hundred meters Ondrej was with the leading group of Valverde, Contador and other experienced riders and champions, who knew how to explode in last meters, at 1.700 m above sea level. Ondrej Cink finished 16th in today’s climbing stage and his teammates supported him in the best possible way.
Ondrej Cink commented after the race: “Today was a hard race with hard finish, but I stayed in the front almost till the end. I was in the first group and then 300 meters before the finish some riders attacked, but I didn’t have enough strength for that today. After all, these are experienced guys and I still have a lot to learn. But I am happy with my performance today; I stayed with the best riders till the end.”
Vladimir Miholjević, sports director, concluded: “All the riders worked hard today. We can be satisfied with Ondrej’s performance and team which gave him full support, he managed to stay with best riders until 300 m to go. He still doesn’t have this exclusivity needed to be competitive with the best riders on the stages like this. But he showed great talent as a climber, so we can be happy with his performance.”